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Are you looking for a mentor? The SSC has got you covered.

helplives-mentorshipAre you in need of some mentorship, but don’t really know where to look or who to go to? Do you even know what you really want from a mentor?

Anna Magnotta from the Student Success Centre (SSC) came on the Morningfile yesterday to chat all about mentorship, what a mentoring relationship looks like, and the benefits of acquiring one. She also introduced our listeners to the new Evisors tool and the Career Field Experience program coming up in January.

Check out the sound clip below to hear the full interview, or read up on the three main takeaways from the conversation:

  1. Get a mentor. If you have any questions about careers, or you’re feeling lost and don’t know which direction to go in, get a mentor. Talking with someone with real world experience about their own path can help you envision yours.
  2. Realize that a mentor is just somebody who has a different set of skills than you. A mentor doesn’t need to be a senior or a manager to you, they just need to have skills that you would like to learn about and the ability to share their experiences with you.
  3. If you’re still unsure about how to find and develop a mentoring relationship, or what kind of mentor you would want, just visit the SSC! Make a mentorship appointment to talk about your specific needs and make a plan.

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