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Who can resist some Water Cooler Gossip?



Newly Launched blog titled ‘Water Cooler Gossip’ explores the lives of students at McMaster University. The blog is meant to be an aid in making sense of the experiences that readers may have at Mac, while giving some solid advice along the way.

This is a blog for every Marauder – whether you need a 5-minute study break and want to make your own McMaster Bucket List, or need advice on how to manage your money or stop procrastinating, Water Cooler Gossip is for you!

Managing university life can be challenging, but being able to read tips and tricks from students that have #BeenThereDoneThat can make it a little bit easier in figuring out how to solve your own.

Ingie Metwally had Taylor Noble, founder of the blog, come on Morningfile to chat about her collaboration with the Student Success Centre, how bloggers can contribute, and why you should check out Water Cooler Gossip. Check out the sound clip below to listen to their chat.


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