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Who wants to be a Mathstronaut?

Did you grow up wanting to be a mathstronaut? Probably not – but only because this is cool new term became a thing when Richard Hamilton and Sehrish Zehra started their non-profit 3 years ago. a company that runs

Mathstronauts is a company that runs after-school programs that teach kids the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects through fun and hands-on experiences. Their ultimate goal is to educate, enrich, and inspire middle school students, so that they are equipped with skills that are relevant in all realms of their professional development.

The team is always looking for new volunteers to help with content development, communications, teaching, and more! They’ve also recently begun a GoFundMe campaign in order to help cover costs of new equipment. Check out their website for more information on both.

Ingie Metwally spoke with President and Engineering Team Lead, Richard Hamilton, on the Morningfile about the importance of learning the STEM disciplines, how parents can get their kids involved, and how Mathstronauts can really leave in impact on these kids and the Hamilton community at large.

Check out the sound clip below for the full interview.




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