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CFMU Spotlight: Hamilton Comedy Hour

WORDPRESSHCHCFMUSpotlight.pngDynamic Duo Jordan Sherer and Mayce Galoni host the Hamilton Comedy Hour (HCH) on Fridays from 3 – 4pm and are bound to make you laugh at least once.  The two have been involved as comedians in the Hamilton Comedy scene for years now and both describe their humour as self-deprecating. ‘Comedy is truly just professional complaining’. After meeting at an open mic night, they instantly became best pals, despite being in a self-proclaimed toxic comedic relationship.

“Comedy can truly be described as professional complaining” – M

Focused on breaking the fourth wall on-air, listeners will enjoy the refreshing sense of having the metaphorical curtain unveiled. They draw inspiration from comedic influences Mark Maron and Howard Sterling among others, and Jordan and Mayce’s bits and skits are perfectly complimentary. When asked how they became comedians, they wittily answered the following;

“I started doing Improv and wanted to do something that required talent, so I started doing stand-up” – Jordan

“I was initially a magician and wanted to do something that required less talent so I became a comedian.” – Mayce

Hamilton Comedy Hour has been on-air since October 2010 and has evolved with the consistent goal of bringing local comedy to listeners. Some days listeners can hear other professional comedians as guest-stars, including NY comic Robert Kelly.  Give them a listen for a laugh or two.

Want to get in touch? Tweet them at @jordanisgenius and @maycegaloni!

Their website hosts all past shows – check it out here!

CFMU Spotlight highlights incredible programming bi-weekly to showcase the amazing content that show hosts develop to share on the radio.


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