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The Tenors: Under the Sky Tour hits Hamilton


Author’s confession: Full disclosure, I’m not a true operatic pop (a classical-pop hybrid) music fan, but I was thoroughly impressed by these dapper men with smooth voices.

Juno Award-winning band The Tenors performed at the FirstOntario Centre last Friday night, and they were nothing short of fantastic.

The four vocalists – Remigio Pereira, Clifton Murray, Victor Micallef, and Fraser Walters – are  classically trained with impressively polished voices. No question about it, these guys can sing.

Their balanced harmonies were delivered in emotionally charged songs and left a captivated audience. The crowd was truly impressed when the men took the stage on their own when performing meaningful solos, where the passion in their vocals was evident. They even received standing ovations, pulling at the heartstrings of everyone in the audience, especially the older crowd being serenaded and charmed up at the front.

Although the band occasionally overwhelmed the crowd, almost drowning out the vocals, the orchestral sound certainly added to the dramatics of the show. With the absence of spectacle, the stripped down songs  left an intense emotional impact on the audience.

The show was Holiday themed, as expected, 14 days before Christmas, and the men performed various festive tunes, including their powerful rendition of O Holy Night.

While the quartet is known to use an over-the-top style, and hey, it works for them, the choice of video for the screens lined up behind the singers was often borderline cheesy. Thankfully, that cheesiness was out-shined by their genuine nature, demonstrated through cute stories and shout outs to their parents.

Despite their vocal talents, possibly the biggest drawback of the show was the venue. The performance called for a much more intimate setting, rather than the half-used (albeit full half) concert hall at the FirstOntario Centre.

All-in-all, The Tenors are a group to see live, if not to enjoy their incredibly strong and seasoned voices, but also their fun banter and likable stage presence.

Ingie Metwally
Community Outreach Coordinator

The Tenors Online
Official Website


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