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Exam Stress Got You Down?


Did you notice the eerie quietness of campus these past couple of days? The sleepy eyes, tired faces, arguably less fashionable outfit choices, and scent of coffee everywhere?

It’s exam time, people, and stress levels are HIGH.

Luckily for Mac students, there are numerous de-stressing activities going on around campus over the next couple of weeks to help ease the mental strain that comes with exams.

Check out the Stressbusters Calendar that the Student Health Education Centre (SHEC) compiled of all the de-stressing events happening – all of which are free!

Ingie Metwally had Melissa Fernandes, the Wellness Education Coordinator at the Student Wellness Centre (SWC), and Nikhita Singhal, the Mental Health Chair of SHEC, on the Morningfile to talk about stress, ways to cope with and prevent stress, all the de-stressing events going on, and their exam challenges and giveaways. Check out the sound clip below to hear the full interview.

You can also follow SWC on Facebook and Twitter for more on their daily exam challenges, and SHEC on Facebook and Twitter as well to find out how to win one of six de-stress gift baskets.

If you or anyone you know are experiencing unusually high levels of stress and/or anxiety, and are interested in reaching out for support, we encourage you to check out any one of the following resources:



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