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Thinking about life after graduation? The MSU is hiring!

FullSizeRender (2)“New year, new me!” – A common phrase thrown around these past several days, possibly all the more meaningful for McMaster’s graduating bunch.

With only  4 more months left in the school year, you’re probably asking yourself, “What’s next?” and “Where will I be post-April, degree in hand?”

For seven lucky graduates, the next thing might be working right here at Mac for the McMaster Students Union (MSU). Each year the MSU employs new graduates on full-time 1-year contracts to help manage several of its many services.

These Student Opportunity Positions (SOPs) are meant to offer graduating students practical experience, while also providing fresh perspectives for the MSU services that they oversee.

The SOPs within the MSU include the MSU Communications Officer, Union Market Manager, CFMU Community Outreach Coordinator, Clubs Administrator, Underground Media + Design Service Coordinator, AVtek Office Coordinator, and The Silhouette Editor-in-Chief.

Intrigued? Get on to the MSU Jobs site and apply by February 21st. With well over a month before applications are due, take the time to read up on the different positions, and even reach out to those in them right now to find out more about their roles.



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