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CFMU Spotlight: SHEC Radio

SHEC LOGOCFMU Spotlight is an awareness campaign that aims to highlight the wonderful and unique programming that individual show hosts develop for on air broadcasting on 93.3 CFMU. This week will feature The SHEC Show, a subcommittee from McMaster’s Student Health Education Centre (SHEC) in MUSC Room 202.

The SHEC Show hosts an eclectic blend of characters and a pleasant mix of personalities. They are witty, charismatic, and have great group dynamics. It is truly refreshing listening to them discuss topics that range from dealing with breakups, freshman 15, fun date ideas in Hamilton, to more serious issues like student suicide rates, sexual assault, and prostate health. Each host comes from a different set of experiences, which makes listening to the show that much more relatable.

As the MSU Service, SHEC operates with four pillars in mind: Sexual Health, Mental Health, Nutrition and Healthy Living, and Addiction Awareness. The SHEC Show aims to incorporate these pillars in their weekly show themes, with an overarching goal of bringing issues of student health to the public. They place a large emphasis on promoting safe consensual sex, which they do quite well. Their key is to joke about uncomfortable topics in order to normalize them.

Have any health related questions or a wacky story that you would like to share with the hosts? Email them at or tweet @msuSHEC and tune in Mondays at 3:30 pm for your answers.

CFMU Spotlight highlights incredible programming bi-weekly to showcase the amazing content that show hosts develop to share on the radio.







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