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SSC Academic Tips: Start. Stop. Continue.


Earlier today, Ingie Metwally had Jenn Meister and Ann Andree from the Student Success Centre (SSC) on the Morningfile to chat about what students should start, stop, and continue doing with regards to studying.

With midterms coming up fast, essays and labs ongoing, and exams in the near future, the two shared some great academic tips that will surely help some students in succeeding this term.

Some important takeaways from the conversation include:

  1. Always plan ahead and try to use a calendar to prevent procrastination and cramming.
  2. Key study tip: make sure you do something with the information that you’re learning; regularly review and apply it by testing yourself and spreading your studying over time.
  3. When studying for multiple choice, create sample questions and compare different ideas.
  4. Explore and access the multitude of academic supports provided by the SSC on Oscar Plus and the SSC website (or follow them on Facebook and Twitter).
  5. Try out the programs available for English-as-an-Additional Language (EAL) students, including the Speakeasy Program and Conversation Circles, or join as a volunteer!

Listen to the sound clip below for the full interview.


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