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How to Make Kombucha

Have you ever purchased a tasty tea at a coffee shop and wished you could replicate that deliciousness at home, saving yourself a few dollars in the process?

The answer, I think, is probably yes, and Karl Chatsko agrees with you.

Karl is a fourth year Earth and Environmental Sciences student at McMaster and a big believer in the do-it-yourself philosophy. After learning that you can brew kombucha quite efficiently at home from friends and colleagues, Karl sought out to do the same.

Ingie brought Karl on the Morningfile to chat about is brewing experience, how to make kombucha yourself, and the health benefits of it all.

You can listen to his interview on the sound clip below. If you’re interesting in taking on a home brewing project yourself, feel free to reach out to Karl for some advice or a scoby by messaging him on Facebook or emailing him at


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