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Living in Hamilton and looking for a job?


Whether you’re an undergraduate student looking for summer employment, or a graduating student looking to kick-start your career, looking for a job is probably high on your list of priorities right now.

Emily Taylor, Employer Relationship and Engagement Coordinator at the Student Success Centre (SSC), came on the Morningfile to talk about the job search process, what employers want, and the upcoming Career Fair on March 8.

You can listen to the full interview below, but here are a few important takeaways from the chat:

  1. Don’t be discouraged, even when you’ve sent out numerous applications and haven’t heard back. The job search is a process.
  2. Start building your network. Studies show that 80% of jobs that are actually out there are not even advertised. So get talking to people in your industry, even if that means starting with fellow students, professors, and your supervisors of part-time positions.
  3. Make sure to tailor your application – this applies to both your cover letter and resume.
  4. Prepare for your interviews. Do your research and have relevant examples ready.
  5. Come out to the Connect to Careers Job Fair on March 8 at the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s! This is Hamilton’s largest career fair, open to all students and community members looking for jobs.

You can also visit the SSC website for more information on the services they offer in this area, like Career Counseling and OSCARplus.





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