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‘Love Yourself’ with MacBeat: A Valentine’s Day Coffeehouse


If you love making music, or simply enjoy hanging out and head bobbing to it, MacBeat is for you!

As ‘McMaster’s Music Community’, this MSU club fosters musical talent and collaboration by hosting informal jams and other musical events. They also help up and coming musicians by connecting them with event planners looking for performers.

Getting involved with MacBeat is as simple as attending one of their Thursday night jams, or adding yourself to the Facebook group here.

On February 10th, MacBeat is hosting Love Yourself, a Valentine’s Day Coffeehouse, in collaboration with Mac Alliance for Body PeaceEngineers Without Borders, and Kids4Kids at Bridges Cafe. Entrance is by donation and will be going towards the Ronald McDonald House.

To find out more about this great club and this week’s coffeehouse, you can listen to our interview below with some of the club’s exec team – Dana Swarbrick, Sonia Leung and Mal Skinner.

The group also performed a couple of unique covers for us, which you definitely want to hear – check them out below!

For more information on MacBEAT, email or contact one of the executive members: Dana Swarbrick, Chrysalene Teo, Dani Mogyros, Emile DeGuzman, Mal Skinner, Sonia Leung, Devon Crawford, Jordan Groulx or Jose Luzardo on Facebook.


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