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Looking for a job? Look no further.

Hamilton’s largest career fair is coming up real soon, and the Student Success Centre (SSC) is here to help you prepare!

Tanya Kett from the SSC came on Morningfile today to chat about Connect to Careers Job Fair on March 8, the various services you can access from the SSC to get you ready for it, and provided some pretty solid tips on the job search process and using LinkedIn.

To hear the full interview, you can listen to the sound clip below. If you’re short on time, take a look at the following important points you’ll want to keep in mind:

  1. The fair will be held at the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s on March 8 from 10 am – 3 pm. 
  2. Prior to the fair, students can make an appointment at the SSC for resume and cover letter critiques, LinkedIn profile reviews (the last Friday of every month), or visit the MUSC atrium on March 1st to get LinkedIn photos taken for free.
  3. The SSC will also be offering on-the-spot resume and cover letter reviews at the fair, as well as a LinkedIn photo booth.
  4. Do your research. Take the time to find out more about employers attending the fair and learn what you can about the industries and companies you’re interested in.
  5. Prepare questions. Employers like to see that you’re enthusiastic about working at their company, and good questions can help break the ice.
  6. Make a great first impression. Dress for success, smile, give a good handshake, and don’t forget, eye contact is key!
  7. After the fair, keep the momentum rolling by keeping in touch with recruiters and connecting with people on LinkedIn.

You can also visit the SSC website for more information on the services they offer in this area, like Career Counseling and OSCARplus.



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