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SACHA’s Selfies to Support Survivors

In just two days, on March 24th, we’ll all be learning the verdict of the Ghomeshi case.

SACHA is encouraging folks to post selfies or group pictures with the hashtags #IBelieveSurvivors or #WeBelieveSurvivors on the day of the verdict in an effort to support survivors.

Interested in getting involved? Here’s how:

 On March 24th:

  1. Post pictures that you’ve collected and taken all day with the hashtag #IBelieveSurvivors or #WeBelieveSurvivors. Let’s flood social media with messages of love and support for survivors!
  2.  Participate in conversations that are happening online.

 Before March 24th:

  1. Change the avatar on your social media to an ‘I Believe Survivors’ or ‘We Believe Survivors’ image. i believe survivors square
  2. Take a picture of your group or yourself and post it with the hashtags #WeBelieveSurvivors or #IBelieveSurvivors before March 24th to promote the event, get the ball rolling, and to give folks inspiration.
  1. Share the Facebook event and poster with your followers. Remind folks that it’s happening and encourage them to get involved.
  2. Host a Self Care Crafternoon and create space for survivors and their supporters to do crafts, hang out, and take care of each other.

For more ways to take action on the day of the verdict, check out SACHA’s blog.


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