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Join the Hamilton Media Advisory Council today!

Do you love keeping up with the news? Are you passionate about increasing news coverage of under-represented communities? If so, the Hamilton Media Advisory Council (HMAC) might just be for you!

The Media Advisory Council meets once a month and engages in dialogue that aims to enhance understanding and sensitivity in promoting daily news coverage. Discussion revolves around issues in the media, with a focus on race and under-representation.

The council is composed of six media members from major media outlets in Hamilton, and up to twelve community members. Currently, they are on the search for six new community members that will be reflective of Hamilton’s visible minority communities.

If successful in the application process, community members will carryout 2 year terms.

Ready to apply? You can email to receive an application, or find it here. Be sure to send completed applications in by April 8th, 2016!

Ingie had current media chair of HMAC, Gordon Cameron, on Morningfile yesterday to chat about the council, their mission, and the importance of addressing issues surrounding under-represented communities in the media. You can listen to the interview below.



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