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Autism Speaks Canada Walk: Bringing a new tradition to Hamilton

CFMU conversed with Beth Mericic, who is a mother of three, has her own interior design business, and still finds time to invest herself in organizing community events! Beth has been volunteering with Autism Speaks Canada for about 4-5 years, and their upcoming event is Hamilton’s inaugural Autism Speaks Walk, taking place on June 25th at Dundas Arts Pavillion.

Beth explains how Autism Speaks Canada invests financially into research to form a better understanding of Autism. The foundation’s mission and focus is local, national, and global. Beth also gives a shout-out to McMaster University on its cutting edge research and the ‘phenomenal physicians’ who have made a real difference in the field of Autism research and development.

The Autism Speaks Canada Walk is also talent hunting. If you’re good at public speaking and can be available on June 25th, touch base with Beth to emmcee – her email is:

To sign up for the walk, visit this link. Quick details of the event are below:

When: Saturday, June 25, 2016
Where: Dundas Driving Park Pavillion
Walk Distance: 3 km



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