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Beautiful Alleys: Cleaning up Hamilton’s alleys one at a time

Beautiful Alleys are back at it again with another alley clean up next Saturday, April 16!

From 50 alleys last April, to 90 in September, and now 120 scheduled for this month, the project is certainly gaining momentum.

The Beautiful Alleys team, along with the city and community supporters, hope to achieve revitalized alleys all over the city, so that community members can make use of these potentially great community spaces.

Ingie had Brenda Duke, who’s been with the project since the start, on Morningfile to chat about how it all began and the progress that’s been made so far. She was joined by Biljana Vasilevska, who spoke of her research with CRUNCH that is bringing awareness to Beautiful Alleys, and Simon Granat from Councillor Matthew Green‘s office, who discussed upcoming financial support from the city  to enhance the alleys’ infrastructure.

Check out the sound clip below to listen to the interview, and visit the Beautiful Alleys Facebook group to find out how you can get involved!

You can also contact the team directly at with any questions or concerns.



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