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Have you ever had a ‘grief’ dream?

Everybody dreams. You can dream about people you know, people you don’t, people you’ve never met, and people you wish you could.

You also might dream about someone you’ve lost – in which case, you’re having a grief dream. Also known as bereavement dreams, dreams after loss, dreams of the deceased, visitation dreams, etc. Whichever name you call them, these dreams occur after the death of someone you know and relate to the loss.

Grief dreams can be difficult to understand, interpret, and deal with. One man, Joshua Black, sought out to change that. Noticing the lack of research in the area, Black decided to investigate the topic himself.

Working towards a PhD in grief dreams research, Black came on Morningfile to share his story and his work. Check out the second clip below for his interview with Ingie, and find out more about his research and the talk he’ll be presenting in Hamilton this Sunday, April 24!

You can also visit Joshua’s website for more info, podcasts, link to his bereavement Facebook group, and more. You should also check out this awesome music video by Chloe & Ola, a group that performs songs about grief at Joshua’s talks and are in the CBC searchlight contest!


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