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Relax Spa & Beauty Bar: Keeping it fresh in Westdale!

12803301_545545558946883_1565550463034971949_nHamilton has recently become a huge creative hub for entrepreneurs and their start-ups.
Amongst all of the new restaurants, bars, salons, and co-working spaces popping up these days, are some of the Hamilton’s older businesses that continue striving to keep things fresh.

Darlene Shapiro has been an entrepreneur in Hamilton for over 30 years now, and really understands what it takes to maintain a successful business in this city. She is the owner of Relax Spa & Beauty Bar in Westdale and came on Morningfile earlier this week to talk about her journey in starting and upholding a great business in Hamilton.

Relax is all about a client’s individual needs, and every treatment is personalized. Along with well-known brands, Darlene offers her own line (DnL) of homemade, chemical-free, all-natural beauty products. She can even tailor her products to clients’ needs, excluding ingredients individuals are allergic to, or adding ones that are helpful to a specific skin type.

Darlene is also keen on keeping up with the times, and will be offering up some exciting new treatments come June! These include microblading (eyebrow enhancement) and semi-permanent lashes. She also hopes to expand to a larger space and sell her product line online in the near future.

To find out more about Relax’s products and services, visit the website, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter. You can also listen to Ingie’s full interview with Darlene in the sound clip below.




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