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Robin’s Novel, Pride: Celebrating Diversity and Community, is Here!

Robin Stevenson’s first non-fiction novel has arrived and we are beyond excited for it! Robin is the author of twenty books for kids and teens, some of which include The World Without Us and The Summer We Saved the Bees. Additionally, she has won a Silver Birch Award and has also been a Governor General Award finalist!

Mark had the chance to speak with Robin about her latest novel, Pride: Celebrating Diversity & Community, and learned the valuable impact this novel could have among LGBTQ youth. Robin also gave us a little inside scoop as to what we can find in this book and we even got to learn a bit more about her background in Hamilton!

Robin will be visiting the Education Centre for the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board this week, on May 4th! The event is free and everyone is welcome, so definitely be sure to pop by! For more information on Robin’s latest book, check out the website! You can also order her book through Amazon, Orca Books, and your local independent book retailer. Below is a sound clip of our interview with Robin – give it a listen!


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