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Get Your Chive On Next Weekend!

Ever heard of the phrase “Keep Calm and Chive On?” If so, it’s no surprise because The Chive is huge. What once started as an internet blog has now reached different cities in various countries. For example, The Chive exists in Hamilton and has it’s very own mission – even though we can’t fix everything, we can try and make everything 10% better. And that’s exactly what they’re doing!

On May 28th, The Chive Hamilton is hosting their second KICK THE **** OUT OF CANCER event at the Honest Lawyer, located at Jackson Square. All proceeds of the event are going towards Juravinski Hospital and the Cancer Centre Foundation. If you’re 19+, why not go party for such a great cause? Oh, and did we mention that there’s going to be a ton of cool prizes to be won? Attendees can expect some Chive gear, a paintball package, a beer cap map, and way more to be up for grabs.

in blog.jpg

Mark had the chance to speak with Andrew Sweeting, Director of Communications @ The Chive Hamilton, to learn all about this event. They talked about the theme of the event, the overall goals of The Chive Hamilton and how YOU can show your support! If you missed it this morning, be sure to check it out below:



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