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Race for Kids in Hamilton!

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Hamilton provide quality programs for children and youth. They offer affordable services that are easily accessible, reliable, and focus on learning and skills development. Behind this initiative is a group of highly trained staff and volunteers that help engage younger ones to play, learn, and develop essential life skills.

Today, Mark had the chance to speak with Alison Brown, the Supervisor for Learning & Engagement at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hamilton. Alison shared with us a bit more about their mission, the various types of clubs that are offered in Hamilton and the amenities at each location.

Alison also spoke about the upcoming event known as Race for Kids. This is an urban adventure race where teams of 4 individuals work to solve clues and complete challenges at certain checkpoints across Hamilton. Once these checkpoints are completed, one last challenge will require the teams to decipher the 10 checkpoint tokens received to solve a word puzzle. Sounds fun, right?

What’s even more fun is that tons of prizes are up for grabs for those competing! One of these includes a chance to win 2 WestJet Flight Vouchers to any scheduled WestJet destinations! In addition, all proceeds raised for the event go towards the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hamilton, making this a great cause.

If you wish to find out some more information about the contest happening on May 28th and how to register, be sure to click here. To hear Mark’s full interview with Alison, check out the soundclip below:



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