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CFMU Meets Cirque Du Soleil!

As you may already know, Cirque Du Soleil is doing a huge show this year called Toruk: The First Flight. If you’re a big fan of James Cameron’s 2009 hit Avatar, this is definitely the show for you. Toruk: The First Flight is not only inspired by this widely known adventure film, but it portrays a world before the events depicted in the Avatar movie. So, even if you haven’t seen the movie, this is still a show for you!

CFMU’s MorningFile host, Mark,  had backstage access to the rehearsal of the show on May 20th at the First Ontario Centre (101 York Blvd, Hamilton) and took a ton of pictures! As soon as Mark arrived, he was taken on a tour of the set and location. Did you know that it takes about 27 trucks for the whole set to be packed up and transported from location to location? Oh, and they even bring a portable gym around to each leg of the tour so that all of the performers can stay fit while travelling! How cool is that?

One of the things that was truly fascinating was all of the detail that goes into each of the props for the show. Everything looked so realistic and almost felt  like it came straight out of the film.BTS.PNG

After the behind the scenes tour/sneak peak was over, it was time to see the actual show – and it did not disappoint! Without giving away too much detail, The First Flight tells the story of two Na’vi teens that go on an adventure to seek out a giant predator of the skies known as the Toruk, in order to save Pandora. Along the way, they meet someone who will join them on their trek and help them overcome obstacles throughout the show. Not only was there a packed audience, but the set was truly unbelievable and made one feel as if they had visited the land of Pandora themself. From the vibrations and moving lights to the realistic costumes and intense acrobatics, it was an enjoyable show for all ages.



At the end of the show, the audience gave the cast a standing ovation and remained standing for several minutes. All in all, the performance was stunning and definitely something that many Hamiltonians were checking out this past weekend. If you did miss the show, not to worry! The next leg of the tour is in London, Ontario so you still have an opportunity to catch it while it’s in Canada!

Huge thanks to all those involved in helping CFMU be present at the event and get this exclusive look. For more discussion on the show, tune into the MorningFile this week from 9am to 10am!

To purchase tickets so that YOU can see the show, click here.




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