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Is Chaga Mushroom Tea the Original Superfood?

chaga.PNGAttention superfood and tea lovers – this is something you definitely want to check out. Have you ever heard of Chaga Mushroom tea? Better yet, have you ever even heard of the Chaga Mushroom? If not, don’t worry because we had Annanda Chaga on-air and they told us all about this powerful polypore fungus and why you should be incorporating it into your everyday routine.

Use of the Chaga Mushroom dates way back to around the 16th century! The mushroom had been used to treat a variety of conditions ranging from diabetes to heart disease. This is mainly due to the fact that Chaga acts an adaptogen, which means it gives the body what it requires to return to its natural state. These adaptogens tone and support the systems of the body through time. Furthermore, Chaga mushrooms are an excellent source of phytonutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and way more…

But where does this powerful mushroom grow? In a variety of forests, including here in Canada! But hang on a minute – this doesn’t mean you can just go looking for Chaga Mushrooms and making some of your own tea. Chaga Mushrooms need to be a certain age in order to ensure they have absorbed a substantial amount of medicinal properties from the tree on which they are growing on. In addition, many people mistake Chaga Mushrooms for other types of fugi that aren’t so great for the body. So, what can you do to get this amazing mushroom?

Well, good news for you – Annanda Chaga will be in Burlington on June 12th from 2:00PM to 3:30PM. They will be presenting a Chaga Mushroom Lecture at the GoodnessMe! Health Food Market on 2300 Fairview Street. Here, you can learn more history on the ancient mushroom, it’s health benefits and how to prepare the tea. Complementary Chaga tea and snacks will also be served so if you’re curious as to what it tastes like, you can definitely check it out!

In case you missed some of my interview with Blair Azure (Owner/Founder of Annanda Chaga) check out the soundclip below. And to register for the FREE Chaga Mushroom Lecture, click here.

To learn all about the Chaga Mushroom and Annanda Chaga itself, visit:


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