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CFMU Wins 10th Station of the Year Prize!

In case you missed the news, the Hamilton Music Awards were this past weekend and CFMU did not disappoint!

CFMU took home the following Gala Awards, as part of the Hamilton Music Awards:

Station of the Year – CFMU 93.3 FM (our 10th time garnering the award!)

Music Director of the Year – Rachel Connell

Show of the Year – Lou Molinaro, Lou’s Control

Media Person of the Year – Ric Taylor (CFMU, View Magazine)

And we also can’t thank our amazing volunteers for all of their hard work this year. Here’s a list of awards they successfully achieved!

Website of the Year – Kristin Archer, (host of I Heart Hamilton)

Live Club or Venue – This Ain’t Hollywood (owner, Lou Molinaro)

Talent Buyer – Lou Molinaro

Thank you to everyone for your support over the years! We couldn’t have done this without you!


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