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Tyler Gilbert Talks Upcoming Tour and Latest Album!


If you’re a Canadian and have heard of Tyler Gilbert, it’s no surprise. This guy has been all over the place recently including Global News, CTV, and soon….in HAMILTON!

Tyler is a Regina, Saskatchewan based folk/country singer that was born in Calgary, Alberta. His latest album, “The Montana Kid, was released earlier this month and includes instant hits including Stains and Light That Guides You. He has also done tours all over Canada ranging from Vancouver and Edmonton to Toronto and even Montreal. Oh, and if you’re a fan of country, you might remember him from performing at the Canadian Country Music Awards Festival!

Being a fan of music since a child, Gilbert draws of many of his musical influences from the works of Stevie Wonder, to Michael Jackson and Bob Dylan. What I found most interesting is that even though Tyler makes music that has its country roots at heart, alternative and folk vibes are ever so present in a variety of his songs, including Lady of the Mountaintop.

Tyler’s Canada/USA tour begins on June 2nd and we are fortunate enough to have him stopping in Hamilton on June 10th! He will be at Homegrown Hamilton at 7:00PM, so be sure to check him out! For more details, on this tour, click here.

Earlier this week, Mark spoke with Tyler Gilbert about his upcoming tour, what the meaning behind some of his biggest songs are, and what his philosophical writing process is like. In case you missed it, check out the full radio interview below:



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