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Are You a FAB Girl?

Fit. Active. Beautiful….FAB!Fab192

The FAB Foundation aims to eliminate barriers by providing girls in grades six through twelve with goal-setting and leadership skills that will help them lead an empowered life!

On June 18th, join the annual FAB 5K Community Challenge! It’s open to all runners and is the biggest day that the FAB girls train for as part of their FAB Girls 5K Challenge Program. On this day, FAB girls realize their goals by crossing the finish line – an inspiring moment for all runners. And don’t worry, everyone can participate in this challenge, no matter your gender!

Here’s some more information on how you can register:

Today, Mark spoke with Stacey Marshall (Program Manager at FAB Foundation) all about the FAB Girls 5K Challenge and the FAB Girls Empowerment Program. They also spoke about how the FAB Foundation was formed and how you could become a member. Check out the full interview below.

For more information, visit: and check out!




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