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7 Reasons Why You Need to Join SoBi Hamilton


SoBi Hamilton (aka Hamilton Bike Share) is taking over the city by storm and we are beyond thrilled. If you don’t know what SoBi is, let me introduce you to this life changing organization (seriously though, it is).

They’re a non-profit local operator that keeps the Hamilton Bike Share system up and running. Basically, they maintain a fleet of bicycles from their headquarters and allow people to use them throughout the day. In order to do this, they monitor a system 24 hours a day and can ensure that people like YOU will always have a bike available to ride! They even have an app that let’s you see which SoBi hubs are full of bikes and if parking space is available. So…I guess you can say the organization is almost creating the future of street biking!

But, why would you need to join SoBi? If you still aren’t convinced, here’s 7 reasons why you need to get on this:

  1. Using a bike is better for the environment
  2. SoBi provides access to bikes for those who don’t own one
  3. They have hubs almost everywhere in Hamilton
  4. They have a smartphone app that makes everything even EASIER
  5. Different rate packages and prices are available so you can find what works best for you
  6. Bike damaged? SoBi repairs and fixes it for you!
  7.  …you simply just look awesome riding one

Oh, and I forgot to mention that SoBi hosts group riding events, like the one coming up on June 26th! This group ride starts at 1:00PM and riders will meet at the SoBi Hub @ Corktown Park in Hamilton.

Earlier this week, we had Chelsea (Director of Strategic Development) and Midhat (Special Events & Communications Officer) in the studio to tell us all about SoBi Hamilton and their upcoming group ride. For more information, listen to our full interview below:

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