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Mac Farmstand is Back on Campus!


On June 22nd, Mac Farmstand had their annual grand opening in the MUSC Marketplace! There was tons of food, live music, and of course, the ceremonial apple biting! We are so excited because now that Farmstand is back, it makes it so easy to do most of your grocery shopping on campus!

In case you aren’t too familiar with Farmstand, it’s a student-run campus farmers market that provides students, faculty, and various staff members access to fresh and local fruit/veggies. They run every Wednesday and Thursday from 11am-4pm in MUSC until October! Throughout the school year, Farmstand also hosts a variety of different events that help promote sustainable eating.

One of the main goals of Farmstand is to increase awareness of the importance nutrition has and to foster culinary literacy. Don’t know what to do with a certain vegetable? Ask some of the volunteers at Farmstand (they’re all extremely nice, don’t worry)!

This week, we spoke to the director of Mac Farmstand, Kaitlyn Zarcone-Beam. Kaitlyn told us more about where the food comes from, why Farmstand is so important and how she got involved to begin with! Be sure to listen to our full interview below.

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