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Making Music More Accessible, One Piano at a Time

Shari Tallon is a representative of world renowned manufacturer of instruments, Steinway & Sons, and has pulled together an amazing fund-raising campaign in Hamilton. She did so by partnering up Liberty for Youth with the Hamilton School of Music! For the last five weeks, a group of 17 music students from the Hamilton School of Music have been working hard in a Practice-a-thon, in order to help Liberty for Youth acquire a new piano for their youth centre. With great help from Brenda Kushnir, students were encouraged to practice more, much to the delight of their parents. The teachers created a supportive and encouraging environment, respecting individual differences and increasing motivation.

This is exactly what Alecia Jones loved to carry on towards the individuals she works with at Liberty for Youth. Liberty for Youth is a not-for-profit charity organization providing a prevention and intervention mentoring program for youth, aged 12 to 25, living in Hamilton and surrounding areas who are involved in/at risk of criminal behaviour.

Shari Tallon takes pride in connecting people who want pianos with those that can help make this a reality. She was so grateful to have connected Liberty for Youth with the Hamilton School of Music to make this dream come true. Last week, we spoke with Shari Tallon all about this process, the practice-a-thon, and why it’s so important that music is accessible to a wide variety of people. Shari also told us a little more about some ideas she has to bring a piano to McMaster University! To hear our full conversation, check out the soundclip below:



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