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Are You Ready for Welcome Week 2016?

Welcome Week 2016 is only a FEW WEEKS AWAY! Seriously though, it’s only three weeks away! We are beyond excited for the new class of 2020 to join us on campus and experience one of the most memorable parts of University!

Welcoming new Marauder’s is one of the best times of year. The weather is great and students are always super excited. However, we know that university can be equally as nerve-wracking as it can be exciting. Whether you’re worried about classes, being away from home, making new friends, or simply just navigating your way around campus, do not fret! Lauren Tignanelli (Residence Orientation Planner) has been working with a team all summer in The Residence Life Office to ensure that Welcome Week 2016 is one of the best ones yet!

But wait…if you’re unfamiliar with The Residence Life Office, let me fill you in on this amazing campus partner.

The Residence Life Office not only helps plan Welcome Week for first year students, but their team ranges from all of the Residence Orientation Representatives, to Community Advisors, Residence Managers, and the list goes on! With such a big team, it’s no wonder McMaster has 12 safe and inclusive residence buildings on campus.

Want to learn more about The Residence Life Office? Check out all their social media links below!





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