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Why You Should Become A Part of PACBIC!

Dr. Ameil Joseph is an Assistant Professor in the school of Social Work at McMaster University, and is also the current chair of PACBIC! Earlier this week, we brought Dr. Joseph into the CFMU studios to tell us a bit more about PACBIC, what’s in store for them this year, and why YOU should become a part of one of their working groups!

What is PACBIC? 

PACBIC stands for the President’s Advisory Committee on Building an Inclusive Community. They aim to identify issues affecting equity-seeking communities within McMaster University and relevant to those that access the University. Then, PACBIC advises the President on these issues.

This is important because it provides a forum for discussion and reflection on issues relating to inclusion and community building. It also ensures that the University has a safe and respectful space.

What Does PACBIC Do?

PACBIC provides advice to the President on planning/developing policies and programs that will help build a more inclusive community at McMaster. This is done through PACBIC’s meetings with the President at least once a year.

In addition, PACBIC provides an annual report to the McMaster Community. This report includes various information such as any barriers identified, their mandate, suggestions, and challenges ahead!

The most recent annual report can be found here.

What are Working Groups?

A lot of the work PACBIC does is carried out by their working groups. This year, PACBIC has eight working groups that will meet to do equity and inclusion work on campus. What’s great about these groups is that all members of the campus community can join them, regardless of if you’re a PACBIC member or not.

Some of these working groups range from employment equity, interfaith issues, race racialization and racism, to violence against women/gender based violence.

To find out more about PACBIC and their working groups, be sure to visit


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