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Are You Hooked on Hamilton? WE ARE!

One of the best parts about Hamilton is that there’s so many different places to discover. Whether it be a new place to eat, get a haircut, or just enjoy a scenic view, Hamilton offers a wide array of hot spots.

This week, we brought in local Hamiltonian, Amanda Weldon, from the blog Hooked on Hamilton. Being born and raised in Hamilton, Amanda has a love for her city like nobody else. What started off as a group project during her time at Sheridan College has evolved into a blog that is still being updated and followed! Hooked on Hamilton highlights the various places the steel city has to offer, all through the eyes of trendsetting millennials. From coffee shops to nail salons, Hooked on Hamilton is discovering every nook and cranny of our beautiful city and sharing it with you!

Earlier this week, we spoke to Amanda all about this amazing blog and how exactly it all began. Amanda also told us a little more about her YouTube channel and of course we got her to share some of her expert Instagram tips with us. Oh, and we also played a game to find out how HOOKED on Hamilton Amanda REALLY is. In case you missed our interview on air, be sure to check it out below:





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