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Why Walk Alone When You Could Walk With SWHAT!?

Guess who’s back?!

What is MSU SWHAT?

MSU SWHAT is the Student Walk Home Attendant Team at McMaster University! It is a volunteer service that will walk/bus with students throughout the evening, everyday of the week! Rain or shine, SWHAT is there to keep you company on the way to your destination. Why walk alone?

Who Do I Walk With?

SWHAT is run by other students who volunteer their time. Essentially, when you make a call to SWHAT, two walkers will join you – one male and one female. Additionally, each walker is equipped with a flashlight and a radio that allows them to communicate with the office and McMaster Security if necessary.

When Does SWHAT run?

You can utilize this service throughout Septemeber to April 7 days a week! Walkers are available from 7pm to 11pm.

How Far Can They Walk Me?

SWHAT will walk you anywhere on or off campus stretching from University Plaza to the 403, to the edge of the escarpment. They can also take the bus with you!

Cool! How Do I Request A Walk Tonight?

There are a couple ways in which you can request your SWHAT walk. You can drop by their office located in MUSC 226 or call them at 905-525-9140 ext.27500. Also, if you have the MUSST App, you can request a walk from there as well!

Earlier this week, we had the MSU SWHAT coordinator of this year, Leon Zhang, in the studio. We learned a bit more about Leon in our latest 60 seconds with CFMU video and got to chat with him on the radio as well all about the service! Check out our full conversation below:

**UPDATE: If you’re interested in joining the SWHAT team as a walker, be sure to apply online here!



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