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Interested in African Culture? Learn More From MacAfricans!

From loving the African culture to wanting to know more about the African culture, the Mac-African club is here to the rescue!

In case you were wondering, the Mac-African club is a McMaster community for students interested in Africa, their club’s main goal is to educate people on African culture, thereby making a peaceful and enjoyable environment for McMaster students as well as Hamiltonians.

Earlier this week, Tumi interviewed the president of the Mac-African club, Ese Ijevu, along with two executives named Kewe Ogbaran and Omotunde Babatope. They shed more light on what their club is all about as well as some events they have lined up for us this school year. They also touched on the various entrepreneur and mentor-ship programs they have available for everyone (not only first year students). They are also extending their club to Mohawk College, how cool is that?

If you are not a student of McMaster University, there is no reason to worry! Membership is for everyone! Like we mentioned, their aim is to make an enjoyable and educative environment in Hamilton, while shedding light on their rich culture.

And are you interested in the club and have nothing doing this weekend? You should totally attend the “Mac-African Mixer” which would be taking place this Friday at 1966 Main street West. It is a meet and greet for new and returning members of the club. Food, drinks and music would be available for sure! For more information about the event and the Mac-African club, visit their Facebook and Twitter page: @MacAfricans

How great is it to have a family other than at home! If you missed our interview with the Mac-African club, be sure to check out the full interview by playing the SoundCloud file below:




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