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SHEC’ing Out What’s In Store For 2016/17!

Okay, I know the title caption for this blog was a little silly, but it had to make you smile right? Yes? No? Okay, nevermind. Anyway, this week we’ve brought in another coordinator for a service on McMaster’s Campus!

What is SHEC?

SHEC stands for the Student Health Education Centre and is a peer-run, health promotion, education, and referral service for all students at McMaster! They focus highly on engaging with students about all issues related to health and well-being through peer support services, events, fundraisers and even mini performances!

What Does SHEC Offer?

SHEC offers a variety of different services available to YOU! Some of these include confidential peer support, anonymous and confidential pregnancy testing, and even a lending library. Oh, and of course they offer condoms, lubricants, dental dams and menstrual products as well!

In addition to all of these great services, SHEC also does educational events during the year. If you’re a past residence student, you may remember Sex 101! Yup, that was SHEC! They also are in charge of the Addictions Awareness Fair, conducting Stressbusters, and they have a radio show at CFMU too.

Cool! How Can I Find Out More?

To find our more information about SHEC, be sure to check out their website here. They also have a Facebook Page and Twitter Account as well, so follow along for everything SHEC related.

This week, we brought in SHEC Coordinator, Sutina Chou, into our studio to film a quick video with us and speak a little more about the services offered to students. Sutina also played a mini game with us on our show and spoke a bit more about some upcoming events that are in the works! Check it out below:



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