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The Player’s Guild of Hamilton: The Stage is Closer than ever!


The Players’ Guild of Hamilton is a local community theater in Hamilton which has been in existence for about 140 years, making it the oldest community theater in North America. How awesome is that!

They have produced several known plays like, “Someone To Watch Over Me Again” to “All my Sons”. This year they are bringing plays like, “Closer than ever”, It’s only a Play”, To Kill a Mocking Bird, and “Trying”. Did I also mention that some of these plays are musical, how fabulous is that?

Steve O’Brien, who is one of the cast members of their recent play “Trying” was interviewed by Tumi earlier this week. Steve shed some light on the play “Trying” and the uniqueness of having just two characters in such a historic and fascinating real-life experience set in the 60’s. He talked about working in such a challenging yet motivating environment. The cast member explained the great work of the playwright “Joanna McClelland Glass” and director “Jo Skilton” in this play “Trying”, making both main characters inspired and well-driven.

Steve encourages everyone especially young people who are passionate about acting to simply “go for it”. The actor explains that rejection is only a step forward to success, one should “keep pushing”.

The play “Trying” is the first show of  their 141st season which begins September 23rd and runs for three weeks. You are also invited to their Open House on Sunday, September 25 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Here, you can purchase your tickets, pay your membership fee and also watch a snippet of one of their production shows.

The Players’ Guild of Hamilton studio theater is located at 80 Queen street South, Hamilton. For more information about the play including auditioning, please visit their website at or their Facebook page.




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