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Poetry, Graphic Design, Art & Photos? Incite Has It All!

What is Incite Magazine?

Incite Magazine is a creative arts and writing publication that operates out of McMaster University since 1997. Each issue features a variety of content ranging from personal essays, poetry, interviews, photography, paintings, digital art, and more!

What is the goal of Incite Magazine?

Incite strives to create a community amongst those that share a passion for creativity. They unite this community of creatives by promoting self expression, collaboration and dialogue on campus.

How can I read an issue of Incite Magazine?

On campus! Look for stands around the student centre with copies of the latest issue. You can also check out current and past issues of the magazine online as well by clicking here!

That’s really cool! How can I submit work or get involved with the magazine?

Incite not only had an executive team, but a ton of volunteers as well. If you’re interested in submitting your work or becoming a part of the team, send an e-mail on over to


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