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The Deen Squad: A New Take On Your Fav Hip-Hop Tracks!

The Deen Squad is an upcoming Muslim Canadian band. The band combines the Islamic core values and mainstream hip hop music to create a unique cultural fusion about the Muslim identity in Canada. How cool is it to hear your favorite hip-hop songs remixed to increase your faith? Really cool guys!

Jae Deen and Karter Zaher are both band members of a music group called Deen Squad, they are from Ottawa, Ontario. These Youth have embarked on a journey to deliver and education a peaceful message about Islam to Musilm youth and the greater Canadian society. Along with their manager Sami Abboud, they decided to make Deen Squad a reality.

Earlier this week, Tumi had a telephone interview with them and the band shed light on their works as well as their goal as a band. Jae and Karter explained how they have caught the attention of many from all over Canada and hope to change the lives of more youth. The themes in their tracks include, “True love”, Faith” and motivational messages.

Since their collaboration, they have amassed millions of views on their VIRAL videos building a strong international fan base. Their videos have caught the attention of news outlets such as CNN, BBC and CBC national news.

In our interview with them, these two explain how they face criticism, but they simply keep “moving on”. The Deen Squad also advice young adults to chase their dreams and never give up.

To hear and know more about the “Deen Squad”, listen to the full interview below and watch also one of their famous music videos below.



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