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WGEN: Creating A Safer Campus Environment!


WGEN!!! Yes, WGEN is the MSU Women and Gender Equity Network. They are involved in creating safer and comfortable spaces on campus not only for trans people, women-identified individuals and survivors of sexual assaults, but for everyone.

Tumi sat down for an interesting interview with WGEN’s Social and Political Advocacy Executive, Tai earlier this week. Tai is in their fourth year at McMaster University and touched on why they became part of the WGEN community. In the interview Tai expressed how they are “excited to help WGEN and McMaster become a more inclusive, socially-conscious, and safe space for folks of all identities”. Tai went further to explain how WGEN plays a huge role in the lives of so many students, from being supportive to being educative.

WGEN are having their Meet and Greet on October 6th, from 8:30-10:30 pm at the bridges cafe at McMaster Univeristy. This event is going to be all good vibes, where different people come together, make connections and have a good time. Did I mention no one is excluded? Of course, it is for everyone and totally free!

The WGEN office is located at the MUSC 204, at McMaster’s student center. Their services also includes availability to resources for students and their space has a small library which the McMaster community can make use of.

They will be holding more enjoyable and educative events later in the year. To find out more about their network and the events, listen to the interview below.

To contact them, check out their  Twitter page or their Facebook page. Like I said, with WGEN, it’s all good vibes!


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