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Looking For Movies? Hamilton Film Festival Has It All!


Excited already?  Totally!

The Hamilton Film Festival is back and better! In case you were wondering, the Hamilton Film Festival is an independent film festival where local and independent films are being shown. They play films from over 50 countries with several themes and also accept films from students. The 11th annual Hamilton Film festival is bringing you much more fun this year!

Earlier this week on the MorningFile show, Tumi sat down with Natan Fleet, the director of Hamilton Film Festival. Nathan talk about his love for film and the importance of this film festival. This is year’s Festival will showcase several genres from comedy, romance, dark comedy and so much more.

The Hamilton Film Festival would be taking place from November 5th and runs till November 13th in Hamilton. To buy tickets and find out more information about the event, please visit their website:

We all use films to relax, entertain and even to escape from everyday worries. The Hamilton Film Festival will do just that, all entertainment! To listen to the full  interview, be sure to check out the link below:


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