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The Hamilton Youth Poets: Using Poetry To Express, Connect and Educate!


People use music to express themselves, but the Hamilton Youth Poets (HYP) express themselves with words…Poetry! The Hamilton Youth Poets have been existing since 2012 to give our community’s youth the opportunity to develop their creative skills and have their voices heard. In today’s world, story telling and narratives are crucial when connecting to people, especially audience members.

Earlier this week, Chukky and Hira who are HYP representatives and also students of McMaster University, sat down with Tumi for an interesting, deep and entertaining interview at the CFMU studio. They both expressed the importance of their organization and went further to talk about their love for poetry and how it has helped them individually and helped other members of their organization progress.

HYP is also involved in programs like workshops  in order to help individuals build on their work and poetry skills. They usually have their “Poetry Slam” on the fourth Sunday of the every month at the Spice Factory, where several people come together to share stories, re-imagine stories and connect with each other. Such collective identity has made this organization grow.

Chukky and Hira talked about “Louder than A Bomb” which is an event that usually happens in Spring every year. They both talked about this year’s success of “Louder Than A Bomb” and how far HYP came in the Competition. They ended the interview with a powerful spoken-word piece performed by Chukky Ibe. To find out  more information about HYP, please listen to the full interview below and enjoy!


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