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Sampradaya Dance Academy Performs in Hamilton!

Sampardaya dance creations is an internationally recognized Canadian dance company which has been around since 1990 and was created by the artistic award-winning Lata Pada. The company has grown into a diverse and active organization with their great involvement in South Asian Dance in Canada. Their dance shows several themes ranging from culture, humanity, ethnicity, religion and love.

Tumi had a telephone interview with the director, Lata pada earlier this week. Lata explained her love for dancing since she was a young child. She explains how it gives you freedom to express yourself and relax.

The Sampradaya dance creations is important for the community because of Canada’s multiculturalism and how their dance portrays the strength of Canada’s diversity. The performers consists of Canadians, Indonesians, Indians and several groups of people.

Lata shed more light on the Pralaya performance which will be taking place on November 13th at the McIntyre Performing Arts Centre, Mohawk College. She explains this choreography as educative, captivating and fascinating, not only visually but also emotionally. You do not want to miss their performance in Hamilton; as they will also be touring round Canada to several cities like Vancouver, Montreal, Sudbury, Calgary, Toronto, Orillia, Saskatoon and Markham. To find out more information about Sampradaya and their events, be sure to listen to the full interview below.

Written by: Tumi Adgeoroye


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