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(Trans)Forming Mac With WGEN & QSCC


The Women Gender and Equity Network (WGEN) has been contributing largely to social equality on campus. Their aim is to make McMaster University a safer and more welcoming environment for women, transfolk, people who identify outside the gender binary and survivors of sexual assault.

Tumi sat down for an interview with one of the core members of WGEN, Tai Jacob and Alexii Hernandez. They both talked about their upcoming events which will be happening from November 14th-November 18th. “Transforming Mac” is a week of trans-focused programming and events, where students will learn, educate, connect, heal and love. WGEN and QSCC both worked hand in hand to plan this event. They will also be screening a movie, and who doesn’t love a good movie with popcorn?

In the interview, Tai and Alexii expressed how such an event is important to the community and urged people to attend. They later gave their views on the results of the US presidential Election. To hear their take on this and find out more information about WGEN and their events, be sure to listen to the full interview below.



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