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Want To Talk? Let The Peer Support Line Listen!

What Is The Peer Support Line?

The Peer Support Line is an anonymous and confidential phone line and online chat service! Any McMaster University student can utilize this service to talk about whatever they’d like to discuss.

How Often Does It Run?

The Peer Support line operates in the evening from 7pm to 1am, every night during the week. This is great because many other services aren’t open at this time. Additionally, this is when support is often needed the most.

But, How Do I Stay Anonymous?

Anything that you discuss during the call or in the chat remains within the Peer Support Line. There is no call display, and you are not required to give out your personal information unless there is a concern for your immediate safety or others.

Awesome, How Do I Reach The Line?

In order to speak on the phone, you can call: 905-525-9140 ext. 28888

Looking to chat online instead? Click here! 

Earlier this week, we brought in the coordinator of the Peer Support Line this year, Zeinab Khawaja. Zeinab told us a bit more about how the service works, how they remain confidentiality, and some of the things they have upcoming later on in the year! To hear our full interview, be sure to check out the sound clip below:

Written By: Mark Gonzalez


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