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Explore Hamilton’s Mouth-Watering Dishes with “Hamilton Food Tours”


Do you love seeking new food experiences as a hobby? Are you looking for restaurants with yummy dishes? Or do you just love mouth-watering food? We can agree that no one will skip tasteful, delicious and appetizing foods. Hamilton Food Tours is here to make such dreams come true!

A few days ago, Tumi had a telephone interview at the CFMU studio with Tammy, one of the members of the Hamilton Food Tours. Tammy talked about the upcoming James Street North Food Tour and the different kinds of restaurants and bakery that will be visited. This Food Tour is on SaturdayNovember 19th and will start at 10:30am -1:30pm. Individuals are advised to dress comfortable for the weather.

She also mentioned that vegetarian and vegan options are included in most of the restaurants. The tickets also cover food tasting or food purchases. Tammy did list her five best food places in Hamilton, depending on her mood for that day! Who says Hamilton does not have fun stuff?

Experience Hamilton’s best dishes, organic products and classy local restaurants with Hamilton Food Tours and you will be glad you did. For more information about Hamilton Food Tours, visit their website page and do listen to the full interview below, enjoy!


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