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McMaster + Academics = Macademics!

MSU Macademics is a brand new service that launched this fall! MSU Macademics is working on several projects this year to advocate for better quality of education and to make your undergraduate academics experience a lot easier! Their main goals include:

  • To make academic resources more accessible (ie. working on creating a Resource Hub to bring academic resources all in once place)!
  • Make undergraduate academic decisions easier through resources such as the Course Wiki, which Rahoma explains to us is basically wikipedia except for courses at McMaster!
  • Recognize excellence in education through MSU Teaching Awards.
  • To bridge the gap between the research being done on pedagogy and the research that is being implemented.

This year, the coordinator for  Macademics is Rohoma Zakir! Rohoma stopped by the CFMU studios this week to tell us more about what she has planned for the year, why Macademics is such a vital service on campus, and how YOU can get involved! To hear our chat, be sure to check out the soundclip below:


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