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Mini-Series: McMaster Univeristy’s Interdisciplinary Course – Part I & II


Isn’t it cool to have a class full of diverse perspectives? I am sure you are wondering what an Interdisciplinary course is. It is an academic program which consists of broader and various interconnected perspectives, skills and knowledge. McMaster University offers a course which consists of engineering, commerce and social science students. Now, that is a whole lot of geniuses in one class!

In this course, the teachers of the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) as well as these McMaster students are involved in a project for developing resources for gifted children in Hamilton.


In this 2 Part mini-series, CFMU interviewed students from this course to hear their perspectives and shed more light on the project they are working on for gifted children in Hamilton.

Earlier this week, Tumi sat down for an interview with Trevor Reade for the Part I of the mini series. Trevor is an engineering student at McMaster university and is also a student of this interdisciplinary course.

Trevor Reade’s take on this interdisciplinary course was interesting! He mentioned how important it is to have students from different educational departments; he believes having several point of views when working on a project makes the work less hectic.

Later on in the week, Tumi spoke to Sanket Das who is a political science student at McMaster University. In the Part II of the mini series, Sanket shared some of his thoughts with us concerning the interdisciplinary course and explained how useful this course is. He explains, “it teaches you how to work with individuals with different strengths.” Like they say, two heads are better than one!

Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the mini-series. To listen to both full interviews (Part I& II), check out the link below and enjoy!

Written By: Tumi Adegoroye



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