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LIVELab’s Series 10dB Concert Presents CCMC!


In its second season now, Series 10db is a concert series that is presented by the LIVELAB at McMaster University. This isn’t just an ordinary concert series however – LIVELab continues to conduct ground-breaking research in music and put on tons of events during the year. Series 10dB is perfect because not only do you get to experience music, but science as well! In addition to the awesome musicians presented, LIVELab also highlights a researcher at each one of the Series 10dB concerts. This is great because they’ll help connect their work to the music and musicians alongside LIVELab’s innovative technology!

Wrapping up for 2016, LIVELab presents their last Series 10dB concert for the year (…but don’t worry, they’re coming back in February 2017)! From December 1st to December 2nd, you have the opportunity to go see the CCMC perform. This free-improvisation quartet is taking over the LIVELab stage at 7:30pm on both dates listed.

With their history stretching back to 1974, it’s super exciting to have CCMC on McMaster’s campus as the quartet comprises original member Michael Snow along with John Oswald, John Kamevaar, and Paul Dutton.

Want to find our more information/get your tickets? Click here!

Want to schedule a LIVELab Public Tour? Click here!

Interested in participating in LIVELab research? Click here!

Earlier this week, Mark spoke with LIVELab’s stage manager, Susan Marsh Rollo. Susan told us a bit more about the concert series, what it’s like to be the stage manager, and how YOU can get involved and check out LIVELab for yourself. To hear our full chat, be sure to check out the SoundCloud clip below:


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