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The Player’s Guild of Hamilton Theatre Presents Harper Lee’s: “To Kill A Mocking Bird”


Dear Hamiltonians, you have the chance to experience the famous Harper Lee’s book “To kill a Mocking Bird”! It was set in 1935 in a small town called Alabama. This book focuses on the social issues in that era, it is known to have a solid theme which is race. The Player’s Guild of Hamilton are bringing this story to the stage and you do not want to miss this!

Some days ago, Tumi sat down with Diane Brokenshire for an interview at the CFMU studio. Diana is the director of the play,“To Kill a Mocking Bird” at The Player’s Guild of Hamilton. She talked about her love for theatre since she was a young girl. This is her 14th play she will be directing, she went further to explain how unique this play is, as she has 20 cast members in this play.

Diane gives a brief synopsis of the play “To kill a Mocking Bird” and touched on how this particular play sheds light on social issues in the past and how they are still relevant in today’s society. This is an interesting and eye opening play which will serve as an educative and fascinating experience.

Although the tickets are being sold out, she encourages people to still make it or call The Player’s Guild of Hamilton due to the fact that there may be some available tickets on the days the play is being performed. The play has being running since November 25th, but the rest of the dates for this play are December 8th, 9th and 10th. To find out more information about the play “To Kill a Mocking Bird” or The Player’s Guild of Hamilton, please visit their website

Diana also gave her views on the controversial issue of the book in the United States and how it was being removed from Virginia schools for racist language. Do not hesitate to listen to the interesting interview below, enjoy!

Written By: Tumi Adegoroye


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